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An English Academy and Audiobooks

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A Timely Update from the Times

Gondor needs no king ... but what about English?

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found this article just days after my last post about language committees … the one where I wrote “English has no king. English needs no king.”

According to the piece from the Times, an organization named the Queen’s English Society plans to form an Academy of English and hopes to earn a Royal Charter for their efforts to “keep [English] safe from declining standards.”

“Eh,” say I with a shrug. I’m the first to admit to my word-nerdery and love of grammar. Still, though I understand and even feel the urge to protect our own ways of doing things, language prescription committees just seem futile and elitist to me.

Just thought you might like to know that some people are pushing for something similar to l’Académie for English.

Reading without Reading

Thanks to GenReality, I just learned that June is Audiobook Month.

For me, audiobooks are amazing tools for dulling the pain of long commutes. Listening to a book in the car almost makes it seem like there’s no traffic jam, and on occasion, I’ve ended up sitting in my driveway with the engine shut off thinking, just to the end of the chapter …

I have found, though, that a good reader is absolutely necessary. If the narrator has an annoying voice or just doesn’t feel like he’s in the story, I can’t get past CD One.

On the other hand, I’d follow a good reader into the mists of Avalon. Like James Marsters. His reading of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is nigh on perfect. Or Patrick Stewart – I’d listen to that man read a bus schedule. Now if only he’d record some more books.

So now you’re looking for some audiobooks to try, right?

  • LibriVox offers free downloadable auidobooks in the public domain, as well as the opportunity to volunteer as a reader to help them out
  • is probably the biggest name in downloadable audiobooks and offers monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Public libraries often offer free downloads with a pretty good selection

So how about you? Any audiobook listeners out there? Particular favorites or pet peeves about the medium?

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June 11, 2010 at 8:20 am

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  1. Thanks for the links. I was just thinking I should listen to more books, though I don’t know quite when as I don’t commute in a car. I agree that the reader or readers make a huge difference.


    June 21, 2010 at 1:52 am

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